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Heavy Equipment Insurance

This insurance covers heavy equipment including their accessories regardless of whether or not they are directly attached to the equipment or machinery covered by this insurance.


  • Fire and / or lightning, collision, overturning, sink holes, land slides, derailment.
  • Accidents that occur in spite of proper operation as well as those resulting from carelessness, lack of skill or negligence of the operator.
  • Explosion, except those originating in a steam boiler or an internal explosion.
  • Thefts and damage resulting from attempted thefts.
  • Accidents occurring during assembly, disassembly and transfer from worksites within the project or while traveling by their own means from one site to another.
  • Loss or damage caused by flooding, tsunamis, cyclones, hurricanes, storms, winds earthquakes, earth tremors, volcanic eruptions or other natural causes.
  • Loss or damage caused by any other event not expressly excluded by the policy.
  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage


Includes coverage for civil liability


Maximum liability: B/. 100.000.00 L.U.C. and increased annually.


This coverage includes injury to persons or damage to property caused by the insured equipment.

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